>Well as you can see we have decided on a four patch.

Now all that is left is to just assemble and be done. The real cool thing about yo-yo quilts is that if you decide later you want them bigger it is so easy to do. I think this will be a little small for the girls table but we can keep making yo-yos and adding till we get it there.



Family WIP Friday.

The girls and I are in a yo-yo swap that ends tomorrow. We where in charge of it, so we already have ours. We have made way more than the 56 each that was needed for the swap. We were to make 218 between all 4 of us, which we did and then some more for fun. More like 300 – 500 for fun.

Some we made because a few people had circumstances that came up and they couldn’t complete blocks, so one set I did half of for the lady; two dropped out completely, so we made those two sets as well. So out of 14 people we did 6 1/2 people’s yo-yos and had great fun, too. I would gladly do it again; we had so much fun I hope everyone likes theirs. One lady was real kind and made extra yo-yos to give to the girls, then decided to just give us her whole allotment. Makes us real close, I think, to having enough for this project. Not really, but I will look at it that way. We are a lot closer than we would have been.

The girls want to make a table cloth out of them for their drawing/craft area. I think they will get over that idea quick and it will end up on some other table or sea trunk in the house. But I am good with it if they think they can handle a bumpy drawing surface.

So we spent a few hours today sorting colors, matching colors, stringing yo-yos so they stay matched ,and then made one block so we could see the lay-out (more so they could).

One asked is this family night. I guess it sort of was family night. We normally do that on Monday but this was just as good; we were all together having fun.

We haven’t decided if it will have two rows of petals of not. Think we are just going to make all the block centers first, then play with the layout (the centers equal the first two rows of the flower) . Then we will see if all the flowers will touch or have a boarder or add one more row of petals.

This is where we stand at the moment — one block made. Not the normal assembly, but I think it will be stronger this way, for little kids to use.

We may change the whole thing and make it into a four patch, much faster sewing.


If you get a chance, go here to watch a real funny short; it is so hilarious we watched it over and over again today. I can relate to the person in the clip way too much for sanity. After you click on the above “here” you will be on a new page. You will have to scroll up in the new page on Heather’s site. Then just click on the arrow in the middle of the picture to watch. It is so funny! Please come back after watching and post here to let me know what you think. I am laughing just thinking about it.

Update Sept. 30 All the yo-yos are in the mail

>2 cloths


Just finished repairing two church cloths. Yeah!!!!


>Sometimes God gives you little gifts that you don’t expect.

I planted two wisteria plants three years ago. They are supposed to bloom in the spring and had never done that to this point.

I assumed they were getting acclimated to the ground and all. Just a few days ago I noticed that they have their first bloom on them. Nothing like a confused plant it thinks Fall is Spring.

But I am so glad it did because I was starting to think I had purchased the wrong plants and that it was a plant that would never bloom. Just goes to show you, God knows all and does all in His own time. Thinking about the plant didn’t make it grow; God did and not when I thought it would. It is interesting how we always assume things should be done when we want them to be done; that doesn’t always happen. I never gave up on the plant. I watered it and pruned it and weaved it to make it grow where I wanted it to. I was rewarded with a single bloom, but that is all it took to make me smile. Thank you, God, for a last little smile before winter sets in and makes everything white.

>drawn thread work table cloth

>I was a bad girl. Saturday night I was taking some stuff to the local thrift store as a donation.

Then, I decided I just had to go in for a quick look (I always look for vintage crochet thread, old embroidered pillow cases, and things like that).

When I found this drawn thread work table cloth, I figured it had to have tons of holes or why would any one chuck it? Upon inspection, I discovered it had one tiny one and I didn’t see damage to the embroidery.

Then I figured it has to be expensive; but I saw the $2.00 price tag. Oh, that was so going to be mine! It always amazes me how some people just don’t think much of hand work, and others would pay hundreds of dollars for this same item on eBay.
You never know. Well, this hasn’t decided where it is living in my house yet. It still needs a cleaning (even thought it looks real clean). Then I will decide. No matter where it goes, it will be lovely.

This little cloth is the size of a card table type of cloth; just a lovely little size. It is amazing how much work was put into this one little cloth; a true family heirloom that someone tossed. As the saying goes, “One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure.” OK, I changed — it artistic license. But you get my meaning all the same.

>paisley fabric

>I just got a surprise package in the mail from Red Hen at MJF.
We are in a yo-yo swap together and I mentioned that I really liked the paisley fabric she used when she sent her yo-yos. She was so kind as to send me some so I could make stuff with it. Is it not some of the prettiest fabric you have ever seen? I just love paisleys. I don’t think she knew this, but my dream house is a big old red barn that has been turned into a house. So the card is just perfect. Thank you.

>scarfs in trade for fabric

>Scarves for Candismom.
Thank you for the fabric these will be mailed Monday or Tuesday.

>Bridal Veil Falls


We spent the last two days and one night up at a resort in Park City.

On the way home it was such a lovely day I just had to take some photos of the canyon while driving. There is a man made lake / reservoir; it was so pretty with the mountains and clouds and the snow capped mountains in the background.

Then we stopped at Bridal Veil Falls, and I got to take some more photos.

There was this little tiny bush there with little berries on it that reminded me of pomegranates. I just had to take a photo of them. I had never seen a berry that looked like that. These are about the size of a tiny cherry. I have no idea if they are poisonous or not; just took a photo — no tasting.

Bridal Veil Falls freezes in the winter time and a lot of people ice climb here, including my husband. One of these times I should go and watch him, but for some reason because of the size of the fall, it is scary to me, seeing a little person climbing on it. I don’t mind if he climbs; I just haven’t been able to bring myself to watch it yet.

That is a real shame, on my part, because it must be beautiful to see. The sheer size of the falls with a little person on it. I remember watching people climb Half Dome and El Capitan as a child, and that didn’t scare me. I think it has something to do with knowing the person. He is very skilled and talented. I seriously need to break this idea. Next time he goes I will go in a separate car so I can watch for a little while and then go because he climbs all day long, and I don’t think the kids could hang out that long and not complain of cold and the like.

If you look at the pictures closely, in one you will see people walking at the base of the falls for a reference for how big these are.

For any one who knows these places, I hope this feels a little like home. Isn’t nature beautiful? God is the greatest artist there could ever be.

>big box o’fabric

>A package came in the mail today. It was from candismom at MJF.

It was 10 lbs of fabric; 60 different pieces of fabric! We are trading with each other. She will get some scarves mailed to her Monday or Tuesday, at the latest.

It was a good thing I had already straightened my fabric stash because it was easy to straighten just one more box since all the supplies were still set up for that. Quite a variety of color and patterns, too.

Thank you, Elisabeth!

>fabric shelf done


Yeah, it is done!

Until the next box of fabric comes in the mail ,which should be any day now. It is from a swap on MJF.

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