>Frannie’s hats

>In our new hats thank you Frannie.

>Frannie’s gift

>Frannie from Texas sent me a package a few days ago; it came today.

When we traded, I had no idea the the acorns had real tops on them; I thought it was a fuzzy fabric. I wanted the acorns because they reminded me of my grandmother’s house and will make lovely pin cushions. It is even more special that real acorn tops are used. I have never seen acorns that big WOW.

The round pincushion is lovely. (Sorry Frannie; you are right, the man did get a stain on it when he looked at it) I think it is lovely in spite of that; don’t worry about sending something else, I am good with it.

The hats for my girls are precious; you didn’t tell me they where reversible. I am not sure I sent you enough stuff in trade. Please let me know. Thank you, ever so much! I hope you had as much fun making them as I did getting them.

Frannie just started a blog; if you would like to go to it click here.