>Happy Halloween


>to curl or not to curl


When a little kid really wants a costume, they will do any thing for it.

Mine wanted to be Glenda, the Good Witch, for Halloween. She wanted the curls and all. I really didn’t want to do curls, but she cried that she wanted curls.

The part I am leaving out is that these are curlers that she would have to sleep on, the rollers to have. So, she cried until she got her way rollers in the hair.

How many little kids want to sleep on rollers? All of mine do. Crazy kids; crazy mom for doing it. If all three of them want curls, I am putting rollers in for over 2 hours — close to three. The oldest takes the longest, then the middle kid, then the littlest one. At least this is the littlest so it was the quickest one to do. My kids have a lot of hair and it is long. Here are the results.

>Yesterday in my post


Yesterday, in the post, came two small boxes, both were a gift from Tina Michelle at MJF.

There were 13 videos for my kids. They are all excited, especially the youngest. She said she wants to watch them all first to make sure they won’t scare her sisters. The funny part about that statement is that she is the one who gets nightmares from movies, not her sisters. None of these look nightmarish to me. We didn’t have any of these movies, so the kids are all excited and want a movie night to watch them all. I don’t think that is going to happen since that would take a few days. Thank you, very much, Tina. I have a box to send to you. I will post a photo here after you get it to keep it a surprise. Thank you, again; the kids think they are great!

>yo-yo friends


I have been asked by Newheart how to make a tutorial on how to make a yo-yo friend. So, I will start this and post it; should be up by Friday, if all goes as planned.



So you call the mall kid photo studio to have a sitting at 4:30.

They say, “Great; we have an opening.” All is good; you think you will miss the mad rush on Halloween when everyone trick or treats at the mall. You get the kids ready and get there 15 minutes early so no one takes your spot.

At 5:45, “Oh, we can take your photo now.” Only one person has taken photos in that whole time, and they had one kid ( four shots done). I have no clue why the wait.

We take photos; wait about 30 minutes to see them on the computer screen. Don’t know what the photographer was thinking because they have a digital camera and should have been able see that my middle child’s eyes where closed in all but two photos out of ten.

Wait another hour or more; take photos again as we wait for two other families to take their photos. Haven’t a clue what three employees where doing while one was taking photos. Take photos again; now it is about 7:30 p.m. Another family takes photos.

So, in three hours of waiting and three times watching Disney’s Robin Hood movie over and over, four families including ours have taken photos.

Now at 7:45, my pictures should be printed but they aren’t because the machine just broke. Oh, when do you think it will be fixed? We don’t know. We can mail you your photos in about seven days.

This is just ridicules. I just ordered 13 sheets plus a cd. So I say, “Fine; the kids and I are tired.” They don’t even offer a free photo, so I ask after all this and they say, “Oh, yeah, I guess you can have that.”

I got them in my email already; just not cropped and formatted with words like I designed them to be, but oh, well, here is one. So much for the tradition of always having a new picture on the wall on Halloween day. I guess I will be fine with one on my blog for now.

Just so you know, I purposely left out the company name as they usually do a great job. So I really don’t want to give them bad press because I like the company a lot and will use them again. I think they just had a bad day. Us, too!

Thank you for listening; I am better now.

>Let the festivities begin


Looks like Halloween is here, and the fun has just begun.The kids are already going to parties.

>Gift from Oregan Gal


In the post today I got a package from Oregon Gal at MJF.

It was supplies to make yo-yos, in sets of four so that they can be added to our table topper. I think they will be a lovely addition to it. Thank you, very much; the girls were all excited when they saw them. Hope to have them done and on in the next two weeks.

>Etsy hair wraps (scarfs)


Hair Wraps

Four new hair wraps for etsy in three colors, burgundy, dusty pink, and rose (sort of mauvish).

They come in three different lengths:

  1. Short, 40 inches long
  2. Medium, 60 inches long
  3. Long, 80 inches long

These will be posted at Vintage Threads, Inc. on etsy within the next hour.

  1. They are all 1 1/4 inches wide
  2. Hand crocheted
  3. Made with vintage crochet thread (all the labels read boil fast not colorfast as people use to boil clothes to get them clean)
  4. Each comes on a card to keep neat while shipping and can be used to keep them pressed and neat looking when not in use.

>etsy romanian crochet needle lace bonnet


This is a handmade baby bonnet, size newborn to three months .
  1. Hand-stitched needle lace filling stitches
  2. Handmade Romanian Crochet Cord
  3. Picot double-sided satin ribbon

Sure to be an heirloom piece in any family.
Machine washable; very strong lace. This item will be at Vintage Threads, Inc. etsy today.

>etsy Preemie dress or doll dress


Preemie baby dress; doll dress; wall decoration.

  1. Handmade from vintage 100% cotton pillow case
  2. Machine embroidery, pink bow
  3. Handmade antique tatting edging neck, sleeves, hem
  4. Antique mother of pearl button closure
  5. 2 Antique lace insertions on bodice and hem
  6. Pink double-sided satin ribbon
  7. White organza ribbon rose with green double-sided satin trim
  8. Length 31 inches, neck to hem, 12 inches around waist, 5 inches around sleeves, 3 inches from neck to empire waist
  9. Padded hanger included

Lovely dress for decoration on wall or vintage doll or that special gift for a person with a little preemie baby girl.

This item is listed at Vintage Threads, Inc. on etsy.

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