>Alyson’s Cottage


Just wanted to show one of my favorite stores here in town.

The address of this store is at 285 East Main Street in American Fork, Utah. They can be reached at 801 492-9103. Hours are 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday; might be 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., can’t remember at the moment.

This store belongs to our friends, Gus and Alyson.

They refinish furniture, both painted and stained, and do picture framing.

They have a coupon for a free candle for the month of October, 2006, if you happen to get their way. You do have to be able to walk into the store.

These photographs have a lot of detail; if you click on them, they will get bigger so that you can see.

Gus and Alyson are a real nice couple; he refinishes the furniture, and she does the decorative paintings on it.

If you look at the photos in their larger form, you will see sun flowers, roosters, roses and other items she has painted on the furniture.

I actually have lots of furniture in my house that has either been restored by them, painted by them, or purchased from them. Tomorrow I think I will post an example of how good Gus is at fixing old furniture that has definitely seen better days. You will not believe your eyes. It is amazing what one person can do to make something broken and ugly into something functional and beautiful again.

They also frame artwork and needlework at very good prices. It is a very cute store with nice owners; if you are in this part of the world check them out.

>Aunt Jenny’s Gift


This came in the mail today; it is a RAOK gift.

It is a gift from Aunt Jenny from the MJF forum. The little apron looks like it would fit a doll, but it is for a small bottle of dish soap to sit next to the sink. Jenny said that when she bought an item at a garage sale and it had this lace in it, she just thought of me. I really like the lace; thank you, Jenny. The other item is the card that came with it. Those berries look good enough to eat. Just in case you don’t know, RAOK = random acts of kindness.