>Signature Quilt blocks


I am in a signature quilt block swap at MJF.

These are now all done and just need to be mailed to the hostess to sort out. I have tried to contact the host of the swap to get her address, but she hasn’t responded yet. I hope she does soon so I can get these to her. I wanted to have these in the mail already. I hope every one likes them; they appeared a lot lighter in color in this photo. I hope they don’t look like that to other people in real life — all washed out.

p.s. My daughter just yelled from the other room “I HAVE A WIGGLY TOOTH!!!” The excitement of a little kid.

>In the post 3 gift packages it felt like Christmas


I was running errands this morning, and when I came home there was a package from Newheart at MJF.

Funny, these really neat boxes always seem to show up while I am out. Maybe I should go out more often . :’) It is like Christmas when one of these arrives. I am always amazed by the generosity of people. I was so surprised at what I found: lots of fabric, lace, knitting needles (both straight and circular), Afghan crochet hooks (that means they are long), a cross-stitch bookmark kit, and all the embroidery supplies for a half-done embroidered table cloth. I will enjoy using it once I have completed it. Thank you, very much!

p.s. She told me she has another box for me that she will mail sometime in the future. Oh, anticipation can drive you nuts!

I also received a package from Suzyhomemaker at MJF.

This one was full of yo-yos to add to our table topper for the kids’ art table. These will make eight more four patches. I love that every one is helping with this project; it makes it all the more special to my children and myself. The little Mary Engelbright card was very cute, too. Thank you, very much; we will have fun figuring where to add them to the edge of the topper.

The third package was from the FALL SWAP at MJF.

Every one makes 10 items and mails them to one person sorts them out so everyone gets one item from all involved. Then they are mailed back. It arrived today!

The items and people are as follows:

  1. Hand-spun, hand-knit, felted wool/llama/angora hat by Ktknits.
  2. Grapevine wreath with moss and pine cone by Nance in France.
  3. Hand-knit dishcloth, 100% cotton, and some Herbal cuticle salve by Katiedid.
  4. Flower arrangement in Fall colors by Tina Michelle.
  5. Pincushion stuffed with cedar shavings with acorn pin cushion on top by Frannie.
  6. Hand-crafted Soap, autumn spice, from The Rustic Cottage, our hostess. She sells soap at her site.
  7. Pumpkin beaded ornament by Willow Tree Creek Studios. She sells things on her site , too.
  8. A little hand-embroidered pillow with the saying “Fall Blessings” by Snowberry Farm.
  9. Handmade pot holder with camel cookie cutter by lambgirl.
  10. Pressed Fall Leaf Laminated bookmark by Sunshine. I sell these at Sunshine’s Creations on Etsy.

Will post photos after every one gets theirs. I wish I knew who sent the arrangement because I don’t know what name to attach to it.

You know, the funniest part of three packages in one day is that they all came at different times. One with DHL, one with USPS, and one with UPS. It was Christmas all day. We also got a Fed Ex one, but that wasn’t mine ;it was my daughter’s. Fun for all.