>Grandmothers flower garden afghan

>This was asked at MJF by Susan Kate

“Okay here is a link to a beautiful lamb’s wool afghan from the Garnet Hill catalog (really pricey but nice stuff)


My question (besides wishing that I had $328 to buy it):

I don’t know anything about crocheting. Does anyone know what the pattern is? If I knew I could google it and see if I could find one cheaper. Or is this what one would expect to pay for something handcrafted? (it is imported).

I know some of you will say I could make this. Crocheting is not my thing at the moment but I guess there is always hope….”

Here is my response

That is actually cheep (I would buy it instead of making it). If you want to go to their site, click on link or picture and you will go there. But if you want to make one similar here is my version of it below.

Name = hexagon grandmothers flower garden or you can call it a hexagon granny square ( even though it is not a square)

Looks like this would be a similar pattern I am drafting while typing and looking at zoom of the picture so forgive me.
sl st = slip stitch
ch = chain
dtr= double treble
sp = space
x = times
() = do all this together / also a type of repeat
* = start of repeat
** = end of repeat
nxt = next
j = join

ch 6 close to form ring ( meaning slip stitch in first chain)

round 1: ch4 ( counts as first dtr now and through out pattern),dtc 2x in ring *ch 2 3dtc in ring**5x, ch 2, slip st top of turning chain ( in top of ch 4).cut thread and finish off you should have 6 sets of 3dtc and 6 sets of ch2

Round 2: j new color yarn to any ch 2 space of previous round, ch 4, 2 dtr in nxt ch 2 sp, ch 2, 3 dtr in same sp, *(ch 2, 3dtr, ch 2, 3dtr) in next sp**5x sl st to top of starting ch 4. cut thread and finish off
you should have 12 sets of 3dtc and 12 sets of ch2

Round 3: j new color yarn to any ch 2 space of previous round, ch 4, 2 dtr in nxt ch 2 sp, *(ch 2, 3dtr, ch 2, 3dtr) in next sp, ch2, 3dtr in nxt ch 2 sp* around skipping last part in red the last time. J to top of turning ch. Finish off thread
you should have 18 sets of 3dtc and 18 sets of ch2

j to other blocks with needle and yarn back loop only of stitches

I haven’t proofed this, meaning I didn’t make it; I just looked at the photo link you provided and started drafting. So now if any of you wonder why I type a lot using parenthesis you just found out why. I write like I draft patterns. Since I draft patterns more than I write, my writing looks more like drafting not the other way around.

OK now you have a drafted pattern; I usually charge 30 – 50 bucks for that but here it is for free for who ever wants to use it. This one probably 30; if I had to make a sample 50. This is known as reverse engineering if any one is curious. Have fun ladies!

Update Nov 10

I looked at the photo again this morning and noticed a gray yarn shell boarder
so add this to pattern above

after all blocks are joined together

Special Instructions

shell = 5 dtr in one ch 2 space if using the dc instead of dtr it would be 5 dc in one ch 2 space also you would only have a chain 3
Attach yarn in edge ch 2 space chain 4 form shell do the same in every ch two space that is not in the bottom most part of the V where two blocks join in this spot sc in corner ch 2 space ,sc in next corner continue in shell pattern do this all the way around. Join with sl st to top turning chain finish off threads done

This is for the afghan they don’t sell any more the link now goes to a similar afghan but the stitch counts are different than this one as mine has 3 dtc per set and the new one has 2 dc


If you find a mistake and let me know I will update this post.


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