>The Postman


I think I am going to have to give the postman a gift at Christmas, he just keeps bringing me gifts from the girls at MJF.

Today from Tina Michell came these magazines for my kids and yo-yos for our table topper. From Blue Apple farm came this magazine I thought it was just great. There is an article on lace making in it, and they picture the “Princess Lace Machine“, an item from 1904. I have one, but mine is from 1903. The part that was neat was the one they show was from the collection at the Smithsonian. How neat is that! I have an item that has a sister in the Smithsonian! There is also a cool pattern for making crochet buttons and knitted lace. Some day I will be a better knitter. The cow is not part of the magazine; it is the card that came with it.

>WIP Friday sampler quilt


This is from a class I was teaching about 5 years ago.

There are a lot more pieces to this; I am in the process of cleaning out my sewing room, so I am finding them.

Maybe, in time, I will complete this and get it on my king-size bed. I taught a lot of different techniques; it went on for an entire year so there are lots of other blocks to this. Some of the techniques taught were embroidery, silk ribbon embroidery, bullions, Hawaiian piecing, fabric origami, applique, English paper piecing, foundation piecing crazy quilts…..it was a long list. The big black space is where an applique is supposed to go; it just hasn’t been put on the quilt yet. If it hasn’t become obvious yet, I like colors in my quilts and rugs. If you click on the links on the side with those two labels you will see what I mean.

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