>Button, button who’s got the button?


So this morning I was looking to put a button in my mother of pearl button boxes.

I sort my buttons by what they are made of like plastic, metal, glass, MOP, shank and holes. It was a big mistake to try and put this one button away. I should have just left it alone all by itself in a random box. In the process of figuring out which box it went in I dumped both. Nothing like 4,000-5,000 buttons that need to be sorted into categories like : shank, four hole, two hole, one hole, colors, and vintage glass and metal. This made it so almost nothing got done for the day. But now I have nice little plastic round containers, grocery store find (actually medicine bottles), to separate the shanks and I am stringing the ones with holes that have a pair the ones that are one of a kind are just sorted by color and amount of holes or shank style. So at least next time it won’t be such a mess. I guess it is good that this happened, in a way. I am about two-thirds the way through with straightening them. Almost done. Yeah!!!!!!!