>Irish Crochet Baby Bonnet Pattern Circa 1900

Click on this photo above to make it easier to read if you want to work from the original old pattern. This is all the information that was originally given to make the cap. You will see as you go through this post I am trying to give much more information so that even a novice can make it.

Irish Rose Baby Bonnet
Size 100 thread & Size 14 hook

ch = chain
dc = double crochet
tr = treble crochet
x = times
p = picot
sp = space
* = start and end of repeat
sl st = slip stitch

thread hook and rose
For Rose:
chain 7, join in a ring.

  • 1st round: Chain 7 ( counts as 1 treble and ch 3, 1 tr in ring ( ch3, 1 tr in ring ), 4 x ch 3, sl st in top of the tr of the 1st ch7.
  • 2nd round: sl st in ch sp ch3 ( counts as dc), 5tr 1dc in same space, one dc, 5 tr, 1 dc under each ch 3 loop around join by sl st in top of ch 3
  • 3rd round: ch 4 ( this is a drop down chain and is ignored at the end of the round), 1 dc in top of tr of round 1 in between the back of petals, * ch 4, 1 dc in top of next tr; repeat from * around ch 4 join with sl st to top of first tr in this round
  • 4th round: sl st in ch sp ch3 ( counts as dc), 7tr 1dc in same space, One dc, 7tr, 1 dc, in each ch 4 loop around join by sl st in top of ch 3
  • 5th round: Ch 5 , 1 dc in top of 1st dc in between back of petals on round 3, * ch 5, 1dc in top of next dc; repeat from* around join with sl st to top of first tr in this round
  • 6th round:sl st in ch sp ch3 ( counts as dc), 9tr 1dc in same space, One dc, 9 tr, 1 dc in each ch 5 loop around join by sl st in top of ch 3
  • cut and finish thread unless you are doing the one rose that starts the center back of the bonnet do not cut thread on that one that should also be the last rose you make

backsideback side
Note : The roses must be joined together in working, leaving two free petals on each side.

  • make a round of 14 roses forming a circle
  • make a row of 15 roses do not form a circle
  • make a round of 24 roses forming a circle
  • make 1 rose and start baby cap assembly do not cut thread of this rose see assembly below

Baby Cap Assembly

For rose see above directions
See picture to right above for joining roses reference

working in rounds

When you have completed the starting rose (center back)after you have joined to the first dc of the last round sl st into the next 3 trc (all joins with blocks and petals are made either on the 3 tr from right or 3trc from the left on all the petals and blocks).

  • round 1: sl st up to 3rd of 9 tr on next petal (this is just a repeat of above note), * ch6, sl st into 4th ch from the hook to form picot, ch 6, p, ch 3 j petal on 3rd trc on petal (also see photo as there are two joins per petal); repeat from * for a total of 12 times (including first time not in the repeats), join to the 1st loop see photo. * Work 1 p loop, **ch 6, 1 dc in next loop, turn,ch 3(= 1 dc) 9 dc over this loop this is counting the first chain 3 as one of the dc, turn, chain 4 (= 1 trc counts as one of your trc) 9 tr in 9 dc (meaning one in each one), ch 3, 1 dc in same loop with 6 ch, ** make 2 more p loops and repeat from * around make 1 p loop at the end and join w dc. imgp7664 imgp7668imgp7672imgp7674imgp7675
  • round 2: Work another round of p loops; see photosimgp7681
  • from here up has been redrafted I have not reworked below this point yet (this note was added April 10, 2008)
  • round 3: next row make 4 loops, then repeat from ** to **( see round 1) for block, 4 more p loops; repeat block and 4 p loops around. total of six blocks should have been made
  • work another row of p loops
  • Next row work * 6 p loops, repeat from ** to ** for block, then repeat from * 3 times.
  • Work another row of P loops
  • then a row of 14 roses, joining them to preceding row by two petals, and to each other by one petal.
  • Make 2 rows of p loops. This makes the crown.
  • Work back and forth for 6 rows with p loops leaving 7 p loops free.
  • Make a row of 15 roses, see above row of 14 rose for how to join
  • then 9 rows of p loops, making the last 2 rows go entirely around the cap.
  • make a row of 24 roses clear around the cap. This will make 16 around the face and 8 around the bottom

The wording has been changed from the original as the way people wrote patterns 100 years ago differs from today’s format and would be confusing to the modern crocheter. With that being said you will still need a little understanding of how Irish crochet works to follow the pattern as it is still assumed you know the techniques involved such as an Irish rose and picots.