>Clover Leaf tatted edging from 1917

>In the book, Novelty Tatting and Maltese Crochet, Book No. 6 Price 10 cents published in 1917 by Novelty Art Studios Chicago, Illinois, this edging pattern is known as No. 17.

pi = picot
ds = double stitch
clover = in this case a 3 leaf configuration

Do not detach thread from ball. * Make a clover leaf of 3 rings thus: 7 pi separated by 3ds; close to form ring; 3 ds join to last pi of ring; 3 ds; finish ring as before; close ; make 3rd ring same as preceding ones; join in like manner; turn. With ball thread ch ( 3 ds; 1 pi) 4 times; join to 4th pi of center ring; ( 3ds: 1 pi) 4 times; 3 ds. With ball thread ch 4 ds; repeat from*

I did not edit this pattern for modern terms and style. It appears as it would have been written when first published.