>garlands and advent in blog land

>Soulmama has this garland, and Anna has this one, and Heather has this version.
So, there seems to be a theme of garlands. Allsorts has an advent one, while pink chalk studio is making an advent tree.
I think we have a trend. Posy has her advent socks, and Pyglet Wispers is opening her advent tree. I am starting to get the feeling that Christmas is coming; if you don’t feel it yet, happy things just put up her garland of stockings advent calender to wrap them all up. I am sort of feeling it is garland time. I have an idea — just no time to make it. I thought of a swag out of yo-yo’s getting big and little; if someone else likes this idea ,go ahead and use it, then show me. Thanks. I mean real little to real big.