>Up-date on hair style from hair wraps

>I have been asked a few times what is the thing making my kids hair so neat in the picture. Funny; I was showing the hair wraps, the crocheted scarfs, and every one got fixated on the hair. I think her hair looks messy from playing all day. Oh, well, I guess you haven’t seen it right after it was fixed.

Well here it is. She has two of the larger ones in her hair. I think they stopped making the little ones about 6 years ago. The big ones are still made. How to use: you place the hair in the middle opening then roll it up to the head keeping it taut. Then you bend it into a U shape and hook the two ends together. Done. We usually put a scrunchie at the base of each bun, just not in this photo because I wasn’t taking pictures of scrunchies or hair styles but of the scarves.

They are made by Scunci, I think the same people that made the Topsy Tail in the 80’s, and they are making it again, too. This item is called the “Scunci Magic Hair Bun”. Here is a link to Walgreen’s; I think they carry them, but I’m not sure if they’re in the store. However, they have them on the Internet. I bought them at Albertson’s and Smith’s, both grocery stores in Utah. The entire hair style takes about 5 minutes, or less, from start to finish and stays in all day.

You can also as I stated before: make two pony tails and twist hair till it bunches up on itself, then tuck the ends into the elastics. This works great, too.