>My kids Christmas Tree " A Tree of Love"


We have two decorated Christmas trees in our house, and about seven little ones, that I put near nativities, that are not decorated.

My children use the tree I purchased when I was 19 years old, when I worked at a flower shop. It is the tree I used when I was single; then I used it as the family tree (my tree) ’till I was 29. When we purchased a big one, I gave the tree to my children for them to decorate as they wished.

I decorate the big tree and they, the kids, do the little one. This is great because mine looks the way I want, and ornaments don’t get broken; and the kids’ looks the way they want, with no adult help except for the nativities. The kids’ box of ornaments is a mixture of hand made and store bought ones we wanted, and ones that where given.

I purposely put this tree in my front room and not the fancy one. To me this tree has a special meaning: all the ornaments are gifts or ones we made; thus all are representations of love. Two nativities sit under this tree, baby Jesus the greatest gift of love to the world.The tree itself sits on top of a trunk I was given by my grandmother when I graduated 8th Grade. She purchased the trunk in a state of major disrepair and paid a local crafts person to restore it for me. So it, too, is a gift of love.