>Daffodil Dreamer’s gift


These are from Daffodil Dreamer at MJF. I am in charge of a signature block swap, and she sent me this thank-you gift for letting her participate in it. I think that was very nice of her. She lives in Australia, so she thought we wouldn’t let her in due to the extra shipping. I wouldn’t do that to anyone; I guess others have.

Boy am I glad I let her in! Not only is her embroidery beautiful, but so was the gift, She actually hand knit the little purse very tiny thread.

I will post signature blocks after I have them all.

I was asked in the comments section how big is this purse here is another photo for reference.

1. hand knitted purse with beads, 2. home made soap, 3. close up vintage doily, 4. vintage doily

>Flicker group open

>Flicker group for felt ornaments and the like is now open.
This is a Public group.

If you do not know how to make one follow my link to tutorial.

Felt Ornaments:
This group is about the fun of making and sharing felt ornaments and other felt items.
Felt ornaments. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr