>And the Stockings where hung by the…

>Sorry but the chimney is on the other side of the room with no fireplace sounds weird. The previous owners took the room stove with them so no fireplace just a chimney. So hung on the hooks with care. Thats ok we really don’t have room for a fireplace any way in that room.

I do have to admit that the shelf does look a little bare I am trying to fix that as we speak just not sure it will be done it time for this Christmas.

>The Journey: the oxen


The Oxen:
The oxen were regarded as very valuable animals to have back in Christ’s day. Think of Solomon’s temple, and how the oxen were used to hold up the baptismal font; and still, to this day, in many temples they are underneath some of the baptismal fonts to help hold them up. The significance of that is that they represent the twelve tribes of Israel.Oxen were used to bear the weight of their owner’s belongings. The pioneers used oxen to help carry their belongings across the plains into the great Salt Lake Valley. Oxen were used to help haul the stones to the temple block.

Now, when we think of oxen, they will have a more special meaning to us. The oxen were one of the first to welcome the newborn King. Our Savior, Jesus Christ, the Lord.

>Our Oxen

Here is our Ox from last year. Feel free to leave out the above third paragraph in the oxen from the journey. That is a regional thing and may not work in your area.