>2006 christmas garland Wip almost done


1. 2006 christmas garland swag, 2. close up of another drop, 3. close up of one of the drops, 4. front
A little while back I was talking about all the advent and garlands in blog land; well, here is mine. I’m almost done with it; a few more need to be sewn on the right side, but they may wait until after Christmas. I’m too busy to finish it now. Just wanted to post it before the holiday. Made from 3 sizes of yo-yos buttons and tassels, two colors of tassels — it is hard to see in photos. I thought the shelf below which we hang our socks was too plain ,and I needed something long to fill the space up. Thus this idea. This actually isn’t all the way finished; it needs a few more yo-yos on the right side; that is why there are no photos from that angle.

If you want to see the shelf before garland go here.

Templates used

  • cd
  • mini cd
  • tinker toy wheel

Other supplies

  • lots of buttons: green and red, both shanked and holes
  • tassels: 4 light burgundy, 3 dark burgundy
  • 1 jingle bell, center front
  • holiday fabric


>Buttons, Tassels, Yo-yos & Christmas=Garland

All the supplies are gathered; it just needs to be assembled.

Hopefully, this will fill in the vacant space above our socks.

>Just yo-yoing around

>Well, they are all made! Now to get the other supplies and get this garland swag thing made.

There are three sizes of yo-yo: your standard cd template, a mini cd template, and, lastly, a tinker toy I used for the littlest template (but a silver dollar would work just as well, maybe even a 50 cent piece).

>The Journey: The Donkey


The Donkey:
When Joseph and Mary traveled to Bethlehem, Joseph guided the donkey with care. Mary rode upon the donkey’s back.

Custom was that the wives were to walk, and their husband’s rode upon the back of the donkeys.

Donkeys were also used to carry their owner’s belongings. They were also used for farming

The kids are getting out of school and are excited for Christmas.

>Gifts from Bramble at MJF

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Row 1:Box 1: These wood spools came inside a little metal tin. Very cute I have two very large antique glass jars in the front room that I keep empty spools in these will add color to them.

Row:1 Box 2: This doily has embroidery all the way around and large motifs in each corner. It even has tatting. Very sweet of her to send it to me.

Row 2: Box 1: A big bag of Mother of Pearl buttons came in a big box with a lot of other items which are shown here was like Christmas at our house all day.

Row:2 Box 2: Christmas Cd and two Scottie dog pins for my girls bad photo chopped funny when I made mosaic. Better picture here.

Row 3: Box 1: This little tin held the wood spools of bright colors. The little circle is potpourri wax I will use it to make vintage looking wax ornaments.

Row 3: Box 2: Four fat quarters of neutral fabrics very lovely and always useful. This is also the card that came with the items.

This was such a fun box of items to open especially since I didn’t know it was coming to my house. this type of gift is know as a RAOK = Random arts of kindness.

1. A big box of gifts from bramble at MJF wood spools, 2. A big box of gifts from bramble at MJF Vintage doily, 3. A big box of gifts from bramble at MJF Mother of Pearl Buttons, 4. A big box of gifts from bramble at MJF christmas cd and 2 pins, 5. A big box of gifts from bramble at MJFtin and potpourie wax, 6. A big box of gifts from bramble at MJF fabric and card

>Our Donkey

Here is our Donkey from last year.