>Vavo’s Baby Jesus and Angels

>As promised, here are a mass (no pun intended) of angels that my grandmother made. We actually have more of these in the house; they are in the attic, still in three separate boxes with my kids’ names on them. They will stay there for many more years as they are not mine, but my children’s. She, my grandmother, gave me some for them so when they grow up they will have items their Biz Avo (great-grandmother) made for them when they where little.

It is unique for children these days to know their great grandparents. Ours are lucky and know three. None of them are married to each other; one is my grandmother, the other two come from two different sides of my husband’s family. All are well into their 90’s. They are such different people, it is fun knowing them all.

It is sad to say that I hope they, my children, will be old enough to have memories of such great, loving people when they grow up. I could not ask for my children to have better great-grandparents than those they have.