>Vavo’s soft angels


Here are some other angels my grandmother made.

She made these when I was a little girl in the 70’s. For years and years they hung on doors or stair posts. She doesn’t have rails; just two big posts. A few years back she stopped hanging them. I asked what happened to them. She offered them to me since I missed them. I need to re-stuffed them as the stuffing is all gone from their necks, which is probably why she stopped using them. I still remember her sitting at a sewing machine making these. Very few times in my life do I remember my Vavo sewing. These 3 angels a doll and some soft ornaments my cousins and I stuffed are all I remember although I know she sewed a lot when she was younger. I also own some of this same type of ornament (stuffed ones) that my grandmother Campbell made. They are all very 60’s and 70’s in appearance, but I love them all and, wow, she used cotton not polyester; way cool. I hate polyester. I now own all of these items. In time I might make a wreath with the ornaments; have not decided what to do with them. So they sit in a bag in my sewing room.

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