>I forgot it was Friday and I was supposed to post a WIP! Well, I started this before Thanksgiving — putting all the stuff in my sewing room in clear plastic boxes so I could see what was in each box. I was straightening my sewing room, too; it got put on hold right after Thanksgiving because of sick kids and holiday stuff. Now I am back to the project and have sick kids again. The joke at our house is, you never want to be in this room during an earth quake or no one will ever find you under the fallen boxes. All I have left is to clean off the remaining stuff on the table area, which is stuff that was in the wrong boxes when the boxes where opaque. This room has ceilings that are eight feet tall and every wall is filled to the ceiling with boxes.

My other WIP is this cute little girl, trying to get her well. If you notice, her skin is pink and her face is a little swollen. This is my daughter who has scarlet fever and those are some of her symptoms. She was being real good and smiling for me.

>Todays handmade Valentines from swap

>From owwlady; I just got a good old laugh when I open this one. Most of the people in this group either live on a farm, want to, or have (I am a “have”). So this makes perfect, funny sense to all of us, a rooster valentine. We have the continuing them of the kiss stamp; when completed, I think I might count how many of those came. Isn’t this little fairy precious. I love that she put glitter in the middle of the roses. Very sweet card, and pretty, too.From Bluewrenn came this card that looks like it would be a good snack with whipped cream. In the scan, it almost doesn’t look hand made, but it is; a very nice job indeed.This one is from Jennifer Juniper. She had flower stickers and love doves and piglet all on the out side of the envelope, even before you opened it up and saw the lovely card she made. So we have a new cute stamp, different than the kiss stamp. The script stamps she used for the word LOVE are very Victorian-looking.

>TAST Week 5 chevron stitch

>I am a little slow posting this week. I have two sick kids; one with a ruptured ear drum, on the mend, and the other has Scarlet fever. So I will try and get caught up with my fabric samples later. I just am not too worried about that at the moment. I will make sure I am at least doing one of the two projects each week. This is also the reason I have not finished making the book tutorial.