>I am in an E-zine (Magazine)

>There is a E-zine (electronic magazine) that just came out called “Small Town Living“. Yes, I live in a small town. Anyway, I got a write up in this magazine on pages 20 – 23. This is the first magazine I’ve had a feature in. I wish Tina and her husband lots of success with their baby mag; it is on its third edition. Please feel free to follow the links and read this magazine and their other two editions; they are at this link, too.

>Vintage tea towles

>I was asked to show a few vintage tea towels, flour sack towels, that I have from the ladies in the group “For the love of Tea Towels” at yahoo. So here they are; I did not make these, they were found at a thrift store at two different times.

This first pair have crocheted flowers and gingham trim with crochet edging on the gingham part; something I probably would not make. I like vintage Victorian-looking ladies on towels. They were very useful and inexpensive at 50 cents each.

This set is poodles doing chores. I am not sure if the one with no words is Thursday or Sunday or just one that is random from another set, but I don’t have Thursday or Sunday either way. They were 50 cents each, also; can’t even buy the towels at that price now. This is also a set I would never embroider myself, but it does have a nice vintage charm to it.