>St. Patrick’s Day Garland

>I made the yo-yos yesterday while waiting at the hospital to find out if my 7 year old needed her appendix out; between two visits, roughly seven hours of waiting in a hospital. But I assembled the garland today. (My daughter is fine and the problem she had was easily fixed; all is good there.) Please feel free to make your own version. Yo-yo tutorial on Heather’s and Heart yo-yo tutorial at Penny’s.So I guess this is more of a hospital garland than a holiday garland. My daughter had fun watching me make it. The other stuff she was doing wasn’t fun at all, so it helped keep her, and my, mind a little off of the ultra sound, and blood tests, and C.T. scan (I think the nick name for it is cat scan). Like I said, she is well now.
sorry for the bad photos in Utah at 5:30 at night it is dark, so these are dark.