>Grand Opening of Vintage Threads Inc.

>Vintage Threads Inc. is open for business. There are lots of items there, and I will try to update at least ever two weeks. I am also waiting on more inventory from other artists to place in the store.

Currently there are head wraps as seen in Mary Jane Butters book “Stitching Room“. You can order the book here. The head wrap she is wearing on the acknowledgements page is one I made; it is Style D in the long length if you are interested in ordering one like hers. Plus a few other items are in the store: doll/wall yo yo quilts, baby items, silhouettes, hand made buttons, bookmarks, etc….

Soon there will be hand-made lotions, soaps and other potions like that. I really like this lotion; I purchased some from the maker about 1 year ago for my daughter. I was having a hard time finding a lotion I could use on my kids because they all have very bad eczema. I know it did wonders for my oldest on helping her skin not to have ruff scaly patches, and it kept it from cracking. The one we purchased was the chamomile and lavender bar of lotion. So, I wanted to carry this in the store because it is handmade and helps my daughters a lot. That should be in the store in the next two weeks .

There are other items I am expecting, too. I will let those be a surprise to you until I post them in the store.

When it asks for a coupon type in Sunshine; this is only good for today, Tuesday and Wednesday. It will give you 5% off purchase your total purchase, before tax and shipping.

>RAZR Flower Cozy

>.flickr-photo { border: solid 2px #000000; }.flickr-yourcomment { }.flickr-frame { text-align: left; padding: 3px; }.flickr-caption { font-size: 0.8em; margin-top: 0px; }

RAZR Flower Cozy, originally uploaded by sunshine’s creations.

I was thinking of something to do for whiplash and I was inspired by a blanket I was making with Irish roses. I thought the roses might give the phone a buffer from getting scratched and dropped.

I have a habit of wearing pajama pants with shallow pockets. My phone is always falling out and hitting the ground; not good. Also, girls tend to wear clothes that don’t seem to have any pockets so this corrects that problem, too.

The flowers add a little bit of thickness, so if the necklace swings forward, it doesn’t damage the crystal face by bumping into things. Sort of a flower granny square item, made from vintage thread I found at thrift stores and left overs from other projects.

I could have just made it with six flowers (and probably should have) with about 5 rows at the top of single crochet. But NO! I wanted to make sure the item had enough clearance at the top to stay in the cozy. So I used nine, three up and three around; not bad, just a little far to reach down from the top. Still, better that than trying to get into my back pocket while seat belted into a car.

Here is the pattern for the flowers if you want to make one, too. (I recommend six flowers, not nine.)

Round 1: (right side) ch5 ( this equals 1 dc plus ch2), (dc in ring, ch 2)5x, j with slst to first dc: 6 ch2 sp

Round 2: sl st in first ch 2 sp, ch1, work ( sc, hdc,5dc, hdc,sc) in same sp and in each sp around; j with sl st to first sc. ( 6 petals)

Round3:ch1, sc in same st, ch3, keep chain 3 behind the petals, ( sci n first sc on nt petal, ch3) around; j with sl st to first sc ( 6 ch 3 spaces)

Round4: Sl st in first ch3 sp, ch 1, make ( sc, hdc, 7dc, hdc, sc ) in same sp and in each space around;j with sl st to first sc; (6 petals)

Round 5: Ch1, sc in same st, ch 5, keep chain 5 behind petals, ( sc in first sc in nt petal, ch5) around, j with sl st to first sc. ( 6 loops

Round 6: Sl St in fist lp, ch 1, ( sc in same lp, ch 5)2x, (sc in nt lp, ch 5)2x,(sc,ch5) 2x in nt lp, (sc in nt lp,ch5)2x; j with sl st to first sc. ( 8 loops)

round7: Sl st in first loop, ch3 ( counts as 1st dc) (dc,ch3,2dc)(shell) in same lp, ch3, (sc,ch3)2x in nt loop,(picot) * (2dc, ch3)2x (shell)in nt lp, (sc, ch3)2x in nt lp; repeat from * 2x more; j with sl st to first dc, finish off threads.

Other flowers are done the same except on the last row shells are (2dc,ch1 sl shell on other flower, ch1 2dc) and picots that join other picots are (first flower)sc ch1 sc (second flower) ch1 sc in same space on first flower.

I used Romanian lace cord for the cord to hold the cozy (update on cord video tutorial). The cord was stitched to the top of the cozy between two flowers and into the middle picot of the opposite flower. If you have questions, please ask.

Update: I forgot to say it is a size 6 or 7 hook you use, whichever you prefer, and you can use knit cro sheen or size 10 bedspread weight thread.

whipup whipup


>Doll / Wall quilts

>Two doll/wall quilts I have made for the store.

doll quilt
doll quilt

>Explore on Flickr


<img style="width: 524px; height: 743px;" src="http://farm1.static.flickr.com/109/312123341_5dd1cbd8e4_o.jpg" alt="felt snow man done, style:

I have wondered for awhile how people get pictures on explore. Today I noticed I had two. “Cool,” I thought, “but how do I figure out which ones they are?” So I set out searching; with over 500 photos, I wasn’t sure where to begin so I started by checking my most popular photos. I figured out that it goes by the date you uploaded the photo. So I checked a few of those, but that was way to much work to look at over 500 photos for each day to see if I had one in there. After about two hours I figured, “Well, fd’s Flickr Toys that I used to make the profile widget flickr bar above of my photos knows how to find it or it wouldn’t be on my bar.” So I went to their site and looked around; sure enough, they have a tool called scout which finds them for you. Boy, that was much easier; it was not hard to find them, then.

So, if you are like me and wanted to know which ones, also if you didn’t know how to find out if you had some and which they where, I hope this helps you.

I have posted them here for you to see, too. I actually guessed the orange one and I figured it was a felt ornament for the other; I was just not sure if it was the heart, dove1 , dove2 or snowman, at first. I know why they interest me, but I have no idea why this was interesting to people on flickr. I have a tutorial on how to make the orange daisies and how to make a felt ornament if you want to make some, too.

The funny thing about explore is that it changes from day to day so one day you may have 4 and the next none. As other people who uploaded on that day may have more views and such all of a sudden and bump you off the list.

crazy daisies

>A Book to View/Waiting

>One of those things you are waiting for months to see but don’t have it yet and others do. Not a problem I am good with that; it is just I thought my deadline was May 1st and it happened 2 days ago. Of course, May 1 didn’t happen two days ago, but the arrival of the first books in homes; the publisher was early. Time flies when you are busy.

I am supposed to have a small write up in this book about my head wraps, and as an editor. I would really love to see it, but my copies have yet to arrive. Oh, well, I can wait; I have plenty to do, like work on the store and items for it.

If you didn’t notice, the blog site address has changes from blogspot to vintagethreads, which just happens to match my store name. My husband did that for me last night. So there was an hour last night that you could not find my blog; that would be why it was dancing in cyber space somewhere for an hour without a real home. Meaning he linked to a spot before he finished making the spot, so the link went to nowhere. He is so cool! He realized this mistake right away and fixed it. I think it is just so neat to have it say vintage threads. OK! I know it is weird, but it just seems more mine and not so much blogspots.

>A few bonnets


Baby bonnet for my store

I made a few bonnets for the store. My husband tells me it will be functioning in just a few days. Boy, can we say I have store on the brain! It is all I can think about lately. I wanted it done already, and so did he, but with the kid sick so much lately thing got a little behind.

So you can see a few things that will be in the store, here are two bonnets that will be there. I really like the white one; it is for a baby from 9-12 months. I liked using bonnets on my kids, especially when they are a little older; it just gives a finished look to a nice holiday-type outfit.

  1. Handmade crochet bonnet White
  2. Organza ribbon ties
  3. Organza ribbon roses with double sided satin leaves
  4. Size 9 – 12 months

The mauve is made out of 30%linen and 70% viscose (rayon). This makes for a real soft and fuzzy bonnet that’s very nice to touch.

  1. Handmade crochet bonnet
  2. Color: Mauve
  3. Double-sided satin mauve ribbon ties
  4. Double-sided satin dark mauve flowers with double-sided satin green bows
  5. Yarn is 70%viscose and 30 % Linen
  6. Size 3 – 6 mos

>Getting a few things finished

>My daughter finished her needle punch today. I thought she would have had it finished yesterday, but she burned out a little. Not bad for three days’ work.

daughters flag is done

I also finished a repair project I had been putting off due to time and sick kids. I repaired seven alter clothes this morning for my church. Then I drove 20 miles to return them and discovered I had two more to repair, so as soon as I got home I repaired the other two. This time I don’t want to be behind. I will deliver them this week. Two things we are ahead of right now. Trust me, that is amazing because I feel behind on everything at the moment.

repaired altered clothes

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