>A Touch of Flowers



My peony is in bloom; I just love the bright color.


This is the first year my wisteria has actually bloomed well. Last fall I got one bloom and was happy to have it. The year before that, nothing, and the year before that I planted them. So this is the first time I get to be real excited about them. I have another wisteria plant on my porch but it blooms later in the season. I am hoping I get to enjoy it this year, too, because I have never seen a bloom on that plant.

It was so nice to see all these flowers on Mother’s Day, especially since I was home with a sick kid and not able to visit my mother-in-law or my husband’s grandmother. My children and husband got me a lovely little rose bush.

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The very creative Carina Envoldsen has tagged me to tell all the world seven things it didn’t already know about me (and yes, I am way behind on doing the TAST challenge. I do plan on getting back to it and finishing it). So after I’m done telling, I have to tag seven people to do the same (sorry folks that’s the rules of this game).

OK, seven things… shouldn’t be to hard, Hmmm?!

  1. OK, for starters I met my husband while sort of on a date with another guy. Sort of weird; never did that before or since (I am still happily married to him). I was getting ready for a date with my then neighbor and made some cookies to take over to him and his roommates, we were in college. I was also trying to make sure the date was still going to happen, he was a busy guy. Date still on and they had company over so I offered the roommates cookies and some to the stranger sitting in the corner, too. The next week my neighbor went on a date with some girl — I don’t know who. Then the following week my husband (not husband then) went on a date with that girl and my neighbor doubled with my roommate. Three weeks later I was hanging out with my husband-to-be as friends. We jinxed ourselves; long story short, neither of us wanted a relationship and thought it was safe to hang out together. Thus about 1 year later we got married and, outside of my husband’s immediate family and said neighbor, I knew noone at the wedding. My husband’s joke is “May the best man win; oh wait, the groom won”.
  2. OK, in high school I had a Mohawk: pink and purple liberty spikes and a hand made chain mail mini skirt. At times I wish I still had that skirt because it took me months to make. Gave it to a neighbor (don’t ask me what a 45-year-old woman, who was 10 sizes bigger than I was, wanted it for). I don’t even want to think about her trying to wear it. YIKES!!! I was an 8 at that time in my life.
  3. I am Italian and Portuguese, but you probably already know that. I’m married to a man who is German; thus the German last name. But I bet you didn’t know I have a Japanese step mom, two full siblings, two half siblings, one step brother and a step father. A typical family these days, I would guess. Maybe not!
  4. (Side note this is harder than it looks to come up with seven things). I have a sewing room; no shocker there. The weird thing is I think I have only sewn in it twice and that was to help my daughter with her first quilt. I tend to sew in the family room and front room of the house. The sewing room has too much stuff in it to make a good sewing room. More of a storage room that pretends to be a sewing room.
  5. I went through Junior College and the University on full-ride scholarships and had enough money left over that I was able to pay half of my husband’s tuition and buy his books, too, plus tons of art supplies. Made life much easier for him. The funny thing is, when it comes to book smarts, my husband is tons smarter in math, science, and English than I can ever dream of. So it is funny that art/art history scholarships paid for a math and science major’s tuition.
  6. In my 13 years of marriage we have lived in 5 different homes, and before we get to our 14th anniversary we will have added another home or two to that list. Just sort of happens; every few years we move. This home and the one two back we stayed in the longest, both around 3 1/2 – 4 years.
  7. We have three daughters; you know that if you read this blog on a regular basis. But before them I had miscarried twice. Don’t worry I am fine with that now, but it wasn’t till after the last child was born that we figured out why I had miscarried. I have what is known as Von Wiillenbrand’s Disease (similar to hemophilia and genetic, not contagious unless I give birth to you), and we believe all our children have it, too. This is the most common bleeding disorder in the world: 3 people in 100 people have it and most don’t even know it. My husband actually diagnosed me with it after hearing one 60-second commercial on the radio from the Utah Hemophilia foundation. After taking some tests, yep, I did have it. That was a good thing to find out because after 2 miscarriages and three births (I almost died after each one from hemorrhaging), I was so iron poor that I couldn’t physically drive more than 15 minuets without falling asleep. So it was a life saver to find out because I was becoming home bound. I am fine now and all is well. If you think you know someone who has this, please, by all means, check out the link above. Males and females get this equally, unlike hemophilia that is more dominate on the male side, girls can get hemophilia, too; it is an old-wives tale that they don’t get it and are just carriers. You can also check out the Red Flag Project Site for information too.

OK, now you know too much, yes!?! I think so too!!!
Seven people to tag: let’s see

  1. Penny
  2. Eren
  3. Susan
  4. Jane
  5. “Pyglet”
  6. Laura
  7. Beth

Not only was it hard to pick 7 things to write about, it was hard to pick 7 people to tag, too.