>Tatted Bodice

>I was asked in some of my group/ forums what type of things do I tat. I have tatted lace gloves for a baby and a bonnet for a baby (same baby). I am currently tatting a bodice for a child’s dress. It is in two different colored threads; one is variegated (a discontinued Manuela thread color) and the other is a discontinued color by Anchor.

Since most of you do not belong to the thirty-some groups I do on the internet, I thought this was probably the best place to post it. This way others could see it, too. I figured others, not just those in my forum/group, might like to see this as well.

When finished tatting the bodice, I will make the sleeves and the skirt. They will be crocheted, then I might put tatting around the hem of both sleeves and skirt. The buttons are mother of pearl.

Just in case you are wondering, I do not have a pattern to give you. I am making it up as I go along which I do for most things I make. It is in size 20 thread.