>4th of July Swap at Mjf

>From Kathie: hot pad
From Backyard Treasures: hand decorated notebooks
From Mommom: hand crochet doilies

From Sunshine: hand-crochet head scarves
From Britchick: yoyo’s in a jar
From Celebrate 2727: homemade strawberry sauce
From smoothiejuice: Uncle Sam
From Bev: hand towels for by the sink
From Mikki Jo: tea and cozy

From Freckeldnikki: (she got sick so we sent stuff to her anyway, and we let her off the hook on sending stuff to us) Hope you feel better soon!

>Part 5: Butterfly curtain

>Butterfly number 6. I wasn’t feeling good over the weekend so I didn’t get much done. I got this one and half of another done.

Butterfly Number 6

Part1: butterfly 1
Part 2: butterfly 2 and 3
Part 3: butterfly 4 and 5
Part4: butterfly curtain patterns
Part 5: butterfly 6

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