>4th of July Block Swap at MJF


4th of july block swap

These are not in a quilt, yet, but I wanted to set them in a mosaic so that I could kind of see a future quilt. These are all 8 1/2 inches square and match, which works real well with the signature blocks I have been doing, so I may add them all together to make one quilt. I don’t have an actual block in this swap because I was moving at the time, and the hostess of the swap was kind to me and told me not to worry about it, that she would cover it because I was packing and unpacking my home during the time this was supposed to happen. When I signed up for the swap I didn’t know I was going to move a few weeks later. I was moving over a few days’ span, so no time to make a block. I figured when she offered she wouldn’t send me any blocks; I was good with that because she was doing all the work and I wasn’t doing any, other than my packing work. So when I got these, I was surprised becauseI didn’t expect them. I plan on making 12 blocks and just sending them to the swap mama in the next two weeks to say “Thank You” and to cover the blocks she made in my place.