>Just playing with 480 now 500


close up
size reference

Just playing with a few yo-yos (480); to be exact, 20 x 24 yo-yos. I seem to be on a yo-yo kick at the moment. So, here is the next one in the works; these yo-yos are the size of a quarter. This will either be a wall quilt (for my home, yep I want to keep it) or a table runner. I have a few more but not enough to make another row, so it will stay as is. I think it will be lovely; when completed it should measure a little less than 23 inches by 28 inches because that is what it measures right now, and these always shrink when stitched together.

Found a few more; it now has 1 more row, so a total of 500. Now it is 20 by 25 yo-yos. Just so we all know, I think these yo-yos where made by the wimple street company. I didn’t make them; they where given to me.

480 yoyos