>Nice Matters Award

>I was given a “Nice Matters” award from NotQuiteJuneCleaver.
She gave me this, and now I think I am supposed to pass it on to five other blogs that are special to me in their kindness for helping people and just being a good blog. So here goes my list of people and blogs.

  1. Penny over at Penny Sanford Porcelains
  2. Betz iver at Betz White
  3. over at eloominator; this is a new blog, but I love weave-it looms
  4. Alicia Paulson over at Posy gets Cozy; you can also check out her store, too, it is real sweet
  5. Eren Sanpedro over at “this Vintage Chica”
  6. Moonstiches; I just loved her afghan, and she has a lovley site and seems very sweet
  7. another lovely blog is Paint in my hair by Laura Gunn; she has a lovely store, too, with her paintings in it to check out as well

These are all very friend blogs who are willing to help their readers with their questions and are just great places to visit and look around. If you have been tagged, just copy the picture from above and paste it into your blog and pick 7 more people.

>D is for….


doll cupboard

Dolls, and lots of them. I have collected dolls since I was a little girl. My favorites are mimes and pirouette clowns. I have never been very found of hobo clowns, but I have a few of them because people have given them to me, but I much prefer the pantomime look. I also love raggedy dolls and Russian nesting dolls, too. I have other doll likes as well, such as miniature doll houses and paper dolls; I have lots of those. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I have a few red cupboards in my house; three, to be exact. I love red along with black and white (white more as an accent color than a main color). There are a few more doll cupboards in the house, but those have the dolls in them that my children collect. Those cupboards are different colors than this one, one is blue, and one brown, but I will get them painted in time to either black or red or one of each.

inside doll cupboard
Click on this picture to go to flicker page if you want to know about each individual doll and where it came from or from whom it came.