>O is for….

>OOOOHHH!! so pretty. This is the rainbow that I saw on the 18th of this month while I was at my daughter’s soccer practice. It was actually a double rainbow, but the other didn’t show up well in the photos. In the next photo you can sort of see the second one right over the telephone pole, the right most pole, arching the same way as the predominate rainbow. A few of the girls on the team were worried about getting hit by lightening because of the clouds. Click here to see a big version of this photo to see if you can see it, too. Once in new picture, click on it again for even a bigger image and better view of rainbows. Leave me a comment if you can see it, too. the weird thing about the second rainbow is the colors looked reversed to me. I have never seen one like that — have you? I did a little bit of research on the reverse rainbow and that is normal; go here near bottom of page to find out more.

double rainbow hard to seerainbow

O is also for OUCH……..Sorry I didn’t post this yesterday like I had planned, but my 5-year-old daughter fall down our stairs and I had to take her to the doctor. She had 3 vertebrae out in her neck, 2 in her upper back, and one in her lower back from the whole thing. The chiropractor adjusted her, and she felt much better. He said it was good she was only 5, because their bodies bend easier (little kids, that is) than adults; other wise he thinks her neck would have broken from hitting the stairs three times on the way down. She sort of cartwheeled her way down with out putting her hands out to brace herself, so she now has a slight case of whip lash. He said if she had broken it where she wrenched it, she might have been paralyzed from the fall. We think she hit her teeth together each time she hit the stairs, and now her teeth hurt. Luckily, her tongue didn’t get caught between her teeth because that could have been real bad, too. Long story short, I am very grateful all she has is whiplash and not being paralyzed.