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>Quite cute little girls. We went to a picnic with friends last night and did Karaoke in the park. Here is our daughter and one of the other little girls singing their hearts out. Pretty funny because neither one can read, so as you can guess they where making up their own words to the second verse of twinkle twinkle little star. Since my computer is still not talking to my camera, this was actually emailed to me from one of our friends after the picnic; sorry for the poor quality, but cameras on phones are that way.

We played a barter game there where every one brings items to trade. As you can see, my daughter ended up as a Harry Potter Pirate; not sure what that is, but she was happy about it, because her shirt is Kim Possible. Maybe it is a Harry Possible Pirate or something like that. This is the butterfly girl that tried to fly down our stairs head over heals. Hard to tell, but she has a shiner on her left eye from the whole thing. However, as you can see, in typical 5-year-old fashion nothing keeps them down for long. Even if mom had to say more than a dozen times, “Slow down; don’t run you might hurt yourself again.” I think I am more worried than she is!