>September block of the month tutorial

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  1. Cut 9 squares 4 1/4 inches square.
  2. Lay-out for placement; flip middle column on top of left column.IMGP5272IMGP5274
  3. Stack with bottom-most row on bottom of stack; take to machine to sew. Sew these in the continuous chain method that was demonstrated in the block of the month tutorial for Aug.IMGP5275IMGP5277IMGP5278
  4. Take your chain back to your layout table and open up. Lay right-most column on top of middle column and chain stitch. Again, do not cut any of your chain stitching. Press seams in opposite directions from row to row so they will nest when sewing the next set of seams.IMGP5279IMGP5280IMGP5282IMGP5281
  5. Take this piece of half-sewn cloth to the machine and sew the next two seams and press again.IMGP5286IMGP5287
  6. Take back to cutting board; true up and cut in half, both directions.IMGP5288IMGP5289
  7. Play with placement of blocks.IMGP5290IMGP5292IMGP5293IMGP5294IMGP5295
  8. Once you find the lay out you want, flip right sides together like in step number 2. IMGP5297
  9. Sew last two seams, press in between the sewing of the first and second seam.
  10. Press and true up again to 10 1/2 inches.IMGP5298IMGP5299
  11. Done!IMGP5302

>W is for..

>What are you waiting for? Sign ups are now! Head on over to the group’s home page and get signed up for the block of the month swap on flickr. Below are some samples of the blocks that have been made and swapped thus far.Please feel free to check out the group just to see the pretty blocks made so far. You are welcome to join the group and not swap, too. If you happen to make the block, you are welcome to post it, even if you don’t swap it.

>V is for…

>Visiting yoyos. These are all the yoyo’s I have received so far for the swap at MJF. There are 5 more packages coming in the mail; I will post them as they come in. These are just visiting my home because I have to swap them out and send them back to the swappers, but it was fun to see them all for a short time.

YoYo Swap at MJF

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