>September 11 Remembered

>Just some thoughts on the day. I remember going to the doctor the day the towers fell. I heard about it while sitting in the doctor’s waiting room. Then I went in to see our doctor and was put on bed rest ’till our baby would be born in November. I wasn’t getting enough oxygen to the baby due to asthma and pneumonia ,and she was close to having oxygen deprivation. I was threatened with being put under an oxygen tent from then ’till delivery if I didn’t follow doctors orders.

So I went home and rested on the couch in the family room where my other two children had their toys so I could watch them easily and take care of them without having to chase them much. Also so I could sleep sitting up, which made it easier for me to breath. I wanted to be able to watch kid cartoons with them, but everything on the television was about the events of September 11 for the entire time I was on bed rest. Needless to say, it was the most depressing thing to turn on the television.

Then, too, I was so worried I might miscarry my baby or damage her brain due to lack of oxygen in my blood stream. It was hard to think of myself and baby with so much happening in the world. So now, every time September 11 rolls around, all I can think of is how grateful I am for the miracle of my last daughter and that everything with her is fine and normal. With all the tragedy that was happening then, I was trying so hard to see the positives — that my little one would be fine and that the future was bright as God and nature continue on, no matter what we do.

This is hard to put into words after a few miscarriages and all three daughters almost dying at birth. I do see miracles in the modern day and although they are not the Red Sea parting, they are enough to let me know we walk in the light of God and that their is beauty all around even in dark times.

I know this isn’t my normal post with no pictures; I think enough pictures have been shown related to this event that I just wanted people to think of their most cherished family and friends and think of them fondly.