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So you want to know what I do on a day when I have over 100 degree temp I make a yoyo tutorial. So now you know why I was able to do this other wise I would have been helping out at my kids school. Oh well I hope I feel better tomorrow as this was a miserable day. If you are cutting your own instead of buying a charm pack these are 5 inches square.

squaring up a yoyo tutorial

I was at a local fabric store in the last week and they had these charm squares for sale and a lovely quilt on display they had made with them. But I decided I wanted to try my hand at a square yoyo again and make a tutorial I have made a few square ones in the past but never showed them on my blog so I thought this was a good idea. The squares I used are all dye cut so they are all the exact same size you can cut them with a rotary cutter though or scissors if you want to go that route too.

  1. Thread and knot needle place about 1 to 2 inches from corner with 1/4 edge turned down do a running stitch two corner flip corner down and continue around square do not back stitch at corners or you will not be able to close your squared up yoyo.imgp5405imgp5406imgp5407imgp5408imgp5409
  2. Draw up thread carefully so as not to get knots in your thread.imgp5411imgp5412
  3. Close yoyo all the way and go through all the gathers again I like to do this to give my yoyo added strength you can also double your thread up. I have done this both ways and the whole in the middle is smaller the way I do it now but it takes a tiny bit longer to make. this whole is before I went around a second time.imgp5413
  4. Finish yoyo with a figure 8 knot make loop pass needle through loop twice draw up knot.imgp5414imgp5415imgp5416imgp5417imgp5418.
  5. pass needle through gathers one more time and cut thread. This whole is after I have gone around twice see the size difference.imgp5419

Play with the layout and even mix in a few round yoyos or even some hearts in to the mix have fun with this. Make a garland or table runner or some thing unique. The round yoyos use a standard cd as a template for size reference.

squareing up a yoyoimgp5421imgp5420

Ga-Ga for Yo-yos. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr

Update Sep 22 7:39 a.m.
After I finished making this tutorial I decided to go on line and see if I could find other square yoyos out there. Here is what I found. A template with a lot of work involved in it but gives a real nice square. There is a wall hanging quilt made out of square yoyos on this site.