>Hex skirt or blanket?!


close up with size reference

I started to make another hex item the other day using the scraps from this and this project, using the same pattern I used here. I have not fully decided if this will be a skirt, vest, or blanket. Currently, I am just having fun making hexes out of the tiniest scraps of crochet thread; doesn’t take much to make those center two rows at all. This is being made out of 100% vintage and antique scraps from other projects.

start of hex skirt or blanket or shirt not sure yet

As for the random-looking layout, since I am using scraps up as I go and am not very far into this project, I am trying to spread the colors out as far as possible to start; thus the weird layout. As more and more pieces are added, they will automatically be far from each other; but for now this is how I work. I have never assembled anything in a way that’s logical to other people; no sense in starting now.

close up