>Happy Halloween


>500th post / Prize Give Away


Halloween dolls

Well, I have come to another one of these mile stones and hit my 500th post with this entry. It is interesting how fast these things happen. I think next time I will do like the 750 post or something as 100 posts doesn’t seem that far apart. Who knows, I may do this again at the 600th post. Ether way I am having a drawing now. Leave a comment on this post and how to reach you since blogger isn’t very helpful that way. Then on November 9th (next Friday) I will have the drawing for a surprise gift give away.

The photo has nothing to do with this post. I am not giving the dolls away. The two dolls on the right where made by a friend of mine, Luzy on the MJF Forum. The other one was given to me when I was a little girl by my Vavo. There is actually another witch sitting on this chair, but I sort of cut most of her out of the photo; she is also a gift from my Vavo.

I also found out my old missionary companion has a blog now showing off her paintings. If you want to check it out, go here.

>Weave-it loom / Windowpane lace


window pain lace

Over on ellominator blog there is a wal happening (wal = weave along). Week 1 is windowpane lace pattern. I did two: one in blue and one in pink. Both are Virgin wool; the blue is DMC tapestry wool color 7318, the pink wool one is Bucilla Persian needlepoint & crewel wool color was accidentally left of the wrapper so I don’t know what color it is other than pink.

window pain lace on weave it loom
window pain lace
window pain lace
window pain lace on weave it loomwindow pain lace

>suzyhomemakers mini quilt in her home

>Suzyhomemaker over at MJF sent me a picture of what my quilt looks like on her kitchen wall. This is the photo she took. I like the color of her walls; it’s very pretty. I hope she is doing well and that this cheers her up in fighting her cancer.

>Happy Early Halloween

>Wishing every one a safe Halloween. Have fun with your little Witches, Spooks and Goblins.

Some of the decorations on my Halloween tree.

>More on Lace Hunt


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I have this book called ” The Batsford Book of Crochet” by Ann Sterns isbn 0-7134-33124 publish year 1981. This is a book made in London, so the stitches are in the European style not the American style. But that is fine, I know both; just one stitch different by name. There is a little bit in this book on Oya laces on pages 144-155 and one color picture in the color plate section of a piece of needle lace that is 150 years old. You can definitely tell this is a 1980’s book ,but that is fine. I am not trying to design clothing the way they show in this book; I just want the skills to make Oya.

>Center Medallion Complete


center medallion

So the center medallion is complete. Now I have to stitch more yoyos and cut some more circles in a solid color for more boarders to go around the next round of this quilt and then stitch them into yoyos. Current yoyo count actually sewn into top is 409. There are still a few hundred not sewn into top, but I need the boarder pieces first.

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