>Geography Day Report on Brazil

> Two of my daughters did a report together for their school on September 27 for their school’s geography day. They decided to do it on Brazil since their Pai had lived there for two years of his life. For their finales they sang acapella and solo happy birthday in Portuguese. Pretty amazing since their Mae is Portuguese and their Pai isn’t, and he can speak Portuguese and I can’t. Since our children were babies he has always talked to them in Portuguese; they understand what he is saying to them, but the funny part is that they always translate it in their heads to English and answer in English. I do this some, but for basic things like when my husband asks them questions or tells them to do something, I usually know what he is saying or the gist of it anyway.

The older of the two wasn’t feeling very well that day, but I think she did a great job any way. The reports were given separately, but they made the poster that is in the backdrop of these photos together.