>3 down 33 to go



I joined a winter quilt swap at MJF. I signed up twice, which equals 32 blocks, plus I have 4 others I am swapping with other people for a total of 36 blocks to be embroidered in less than one month. That is more than one block embroidered a day; I must have been crazy to do this to myself. But here we go. I am embroidering the trees and will leave them blank so the person getting them can decorate them or leave them plain. I am also doing snowmen; I haven’t started embroidering them yet, even though I have all the blocks drawn for the snowmen and the trees too, for that matter. The blocks all equal 12 1/2 inches square except for the butterfly; it is 8 1/2 inches square and one other that I haven’t drawn yet is also 8 1/2 inches. I will post these as I get them made. Might be boring to see so many or the same block, but nice to document my progress. This butterfly is one of the patterns I am also using in the butterfly room, too. Tree pattern is actually a quilting pattern that I modified for embroidery line work. That I modified with the help of my computer to make it about 10 inches tall instead of 7 inches.

tree #2 out of 17tree # 1 out of 17