>Morning Sky


Sunday morning

This was the sky line yesterday at about 7 am on the way to Salt Lake City. I thought it a very pretty morning. I am not sure why, but I have a thing for sky lines.

>5 down 31 to go


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Made two more trees over the weekend. These are different color thread than the last since they are all going to be in different quilts. I thought it might be good to make them a little different so I don’t go insane making so many identical things.

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>Salt Lake City Temple and Surrounding Area


salt lake city  assembly hall
salt lake city  assembly hall
Sights around Temple Square

1. Reflecting pool, 2. Brigham Young Monument, 3. Autumnal tree on temple square, 4. MoTab

Went to conference yesterday in Salt Lake City. Such pretty things to see on the way to and from the Conference Center. Here are just a few for you to see. Top two pictures are The Assembly Hall on Temple square. Next is the reflecting pool, and fall tree on temple square and the Brigham Young Monument, and the Mo Tab Choir below is the Salt Lake Temple.

Salt Lake City Temple
1. salt lake city temple, 2. salt lake city temple, 3. Salt Lake temple, 4. Salt Lake temple