>Fall Quilt Block Swap at MJF

>List of swappers:

  1. Sewgirlie
  2. Suzyhomemaker
  3. carol Sue
  4. cinnamongirl, from whom I have four.
  5. Mkmomus
  6. jcbtxstars
  7. Katmom
  8. Smoothijuice
  9. Khartquilt
  10. Cheryl
  11. Sunshine (twice): Mine are not pictured; because I made them for everyone else but not myself, I made traditional nine patch. Because I signed up twice, I have two from every one except Cinnamongirl; I have 4 from her because she signed up twice, too.
  12. Cinnamongirl (twice: 4 blocks)
  13. Ktknits

This is not my layout; this is just every block I received. This is too uniform for me. I will make one block for myself and do a 5 by 5 layout