>Yoyo’s Assembly Patterns

>Below are the two types of layout for yoyo’s that I use when making a blanket, doily, pillow…

square lay out

The first is the weaker of the two, but goes together with fewer yoyo’s. The reason it is a weaker layout is because of the bigger holes between the yoyos. Each yoyo is stitched to only 4 other yoyos.

lay out

The second is the stronger blanket out of the two layouts shown. Each yoyo is stitched to 6 other yoyos and the holes between the yoyos are smaller. However, it takes more yoyos to cover the same area.

>Cool Cookie Cutters

>Just one of those things I will add to my list of wants, as if it wasn’t long enough as is. Have you checked out William Sonoma’s Web site lately? They have these cool stand up cookie cutters. They are on sale at the moment; I am so thinking of getting these but will hold off for awhile. I have a kid who is born right around Halloween time, and she loves all things Halloween. I think this would be so cool to have for birthday party fun and such. The photos in this post are not mine; they are from William Sonoma. I have made the pictures links. So, if you want to check them out or order them for yourself, just click on the photos.