>Halloween YOYOs


Center section of Halloween yo yo blanket /  back side

Here is what has become of the Halloween yoyo swap over at MJF. I have started to make a lap blanket out of them. This will have more yoyos than the amount I swapped because I have made a lot more since the swap. I still have about 300 cut to stitch to add to the ones I already have made. Not sure how big this will end up, nor what the pattern will end up looking like. I am planning it out as I go, as always.

The photo above is of the back of the quilt because I am still stitching the bottom point on. I work from the back of the project when I am adding yoyos to the blanket; it is easier for me. 121 yoyos thus far on the quilt, about 300 more made, and 400 more cut.

Front of quilt thus far, because it is still growing.

front of Halloween yo yo quilt