>suzyhomemakers mini quilt in her home

>Suzyhomemaker over at MJF sent me a picture of what my quilt looks like on her kitchen wall. This is the photo she took. I like the color of her walls; it’s very pretty. I hope she is doing well and that this cheers her up in fighting her cancer.

>Happy Early Halloween

>Wishing every one a safe Halloween. Have fun with your little Witches, Spooks and Goblins.

Some of the decorations on my Halloween tree.

>More on Lace Hunt


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I have this book called ” The Batsford Book of Crochet” by Ann Sterns isbn 0-7134-33124 publish year 1981. This is a book made in London, so the stitches are in the European style not the American style. But that is fine, I know both; just one stitch different by name. There is a little bit in this book on Oya laces on pages 144-155 and one color picture in the color plate section of a piece of needle lace that is 150 years old. You can definitely tell this is a 1980’s book ,but that is fine. I am not trying to design clothing the way they show in this book; I just want the skills to make Oya.