>last day to sign up / Small Apron Collection

>Today is the last day to sign up for the give away on my blog tomorrow: please go here and leave a comment to be entered.

I also thought it might be fun to show some aprons that I own. With the holidays coming up I am wearing these more and more. Just sort of makes things a little more festive.

  1. I decorated this apron with hi-straw flowers. The apron itself is store bought about 10 years ago.hostes apron
  2. This apron was a gift from Bemoosie last year.vintage apron gift to me from bemoosie
  3. Purchased vintage apron from Vintage chic.vintage apron
  4. These aprons are all made by Aunt George as gifts for my children and myself. toile apron made by aunt georgehalf apron made by aunt georgehalf apron made by aunt george half apron made by aunt george half apron made by aunt george
  5. Vintage apron that my cousin Colleen bought for me at a antique sale in the park.vintage apron with crochet detailsclose up of details
  6. Apron I found at a thrift store last month. vintage thrifted apron apronclose up of details
  7. This is actually an apron I bought at our local grocery store. I liked it because of it’s color, red, but also figured it was one my husband could wear too and not look girlie. Not that it is possible for him to look girlie in the slightest bit. bar-b-que apron
  8. Reversible apron made by smoothiejuice given to me by Judyblueeyes. reversible apron made by smoothiejuicereversible apron   made by smoothiejuice
  9. Apron, a gift from suzyhomemaker.
  10. Apron I crocheted and gave away.crochet apron
  11. Aprons I made and gave away for mini-apron swap.Mini Apron swap at MJF