>Fall / Thanksgiving Day Swap

>swaps at MJF Willowtree was in charge of this one not me
group 1

  1. willowtreecreek (since she was in both swaps I don’t really know which item was swap 1 or swap2)
  2. sunshine (me) green fuzzy scarf forgot to take picture before mailing
  3. smoothiejuice wood bowl
  4. Cheryl pen candy and notpad
  5. Botanical Bath: lotion
  6. Bonne soap, Indian corn a nd silk leaves.
  7. Hideaway Farmgirl bag bobble head scarecrow
  8. AliShuShu necklace
  9. Aimeeravae hanger
  10. nashbabe potholders

Group 2

This group got a prize for having all their items in first. Willowtree made this bookmark as the first place prize.

  1. Willowtreecreek (since she was in both swaps I don’t realy know which item was swap 1 or swap2)
  2. sunshine (me)I didn’t keep one of my own items they where green scarfs
  3. Jodyleek bracelet
  4. Carycamille potholders
  5. SheliaC
  6. Createmyworld handmade book, The star pin is actually from the Halloween swap it was a hostess gift I am just thrilled to have it thanks
  7. Mima vintage handkerchief, farmgirl bookmark, hang tag
  8. momof2jrt
  9. white cupboard notebook and card
  10. ktknits

>Holiday Brooch Tutorial


  • Mattel Knitting machine (find on ebay, thrift store, the bottom of your closet from when you where a kid in the 70’s)
  • safety pins or pin backs
  • fuzzy yarn
  • yoyo (you have to make these; I used a cd as my template)
  • jingle bells or other center decoration (buttons….)
  • thread, needle, scissors

How to:

  1. Cut and make your yoyo; set aside, leave long tail to stitch to fuzzy yoyo, bells, and pin.
  2. Make your fuzzy knitted yoyo, (this is 16 rows that are 16 stitches on the Mattel knitting machine, you can do this on knitting round needles too, gather both ends and pull both tails to one side and tie ends in a knot and cut).
  3. Stitch fabric yoyo to middle of fuzzy yoyo; have tails of fuzzy yoyo facing fabric yoyo so they are hidden when piece is done.
  4. Now, stitch on bells or other embellishments. When done, take needle to back of work.
  5. Sew safety pin to back of brooch, or use a store bought pin back. Finished!