>Crayon Art in Quilts

>This was a question asked on flickr, though others might have it too. There is a note on this photo on flickr that reads crayon art right over the two tree drawings. So here is the explanation.
Santo Pano Patchwork says:
Crayon Art ? How does it work ? Fabiana.

Sunshine said:
This can be done a few ways

  1. Color on paper; lay paper on top of fabric and iron. Have paper towels between iron and paper so excess wax doesn’t transfer to iron. (Image will be reversed; remember when writing words and things that have to face a certain way)
  2. You can color straight to the fabric then iron to heat-set pigment; again have paper towels between work iron to absorb excess wax (best to use high-quality crayons for either way because you have more pigment and less wax).

Santo Pano Patchwork says:
Thanks for the tip, I’ve already tried and it has worked perfectly. I’ve got a good result, from my first time with this technic, I’ll try to improve next time.
Thanks again for being so kind.
With my best wishes.

>Lace videos

>My flash hasn’t worked in months, so today my husband fixed it for me. So had a few minutes and watched a few videos; you can, too.

  1. This is just amazing the piece of lace being made, Puncetto Valsesiano – Valsesia
  2. crochet bullion stitch tutorial
  3. another crochet bullion stitch tutorial
  4. Crochet – Crocheting with thin wire
  5. Oya video not a tutorial just eye candy
  6. Oya video Ellerin Türküsü – Nallıhan İpek Oyası 3 mainly shows how it is worn by women at first then it shows a woman showing some lace while they are dancing: warning, it starts with loud music
  7. shows a woman unwinding a silk cocoon, then dying the thread, next it shows two women making the lace; too bad the camera man didn’t focus longer on the females hands — wouldn’t those flowers be great for a little girl’s fairy costume or a Santa Lucia Crown edging Ellerin Türküsü – Nallıhan İpek Oyası 2
  8. Ellerin Türküsü – Nallıhan İpek Oyası 1 another oya video; more cocoon unwinding and then winding the silk on a swift, two woman having a conversation about the lace. Once again camera man doesn’t focus on the hands with the needles, but he did a good job of focusing on the hand of the woman getting the silk from the cocoons.
  9. Ellerin Türküsü – Kanal B / Gönen İğne Oyası woman making the lace but camera is on the wrong side for a good view

I wish that the videos where in English so I could understand more than just what I decipher with my eyes.
This one is not a video just a tutorial on needle lace ( like Oya)