>Rain Fog and Snow


icicle lights

The day started out with rain. It was coming down so hard I could barely see as I drove to the doctor’s to get my stitches out. The medical report was that the skin that was removed was trying to turn into cancer; good news is, they think they got it all.


Then, the day got real foggy and cold as I was stringing the icicle lights on our front porch. I had to wait to put up Christmas until my stitches where removed. Some of the boxes are very heavy, and I had already pulled out two of the eight stitches. This, of course, was an accident because all I was trying to do was help my six year old try to skate.

front yard snow
Update: I added the snow picture to this post on Dec 8 because it was too dark last night to take the photo. So, this is the morning after the storm.

Then, the day turned to snow about the time I was decorating the inside of the house.

glass table

I had Christmas music playing all day. All in all, it was a nice day of family, holiday, and with pretty good news from the doctor. Sorry I didn’t post an ornament. I will post two tomorrow, today was more about family.