>pattern for the three bears

>I have been asked by several people what pattern I used to make the bears. Here it is: I bought it at a thrift store for fifty cents; it looks to be from the 1980’s.

Information on outside of pattern:

  • Called Dream Spinners
  • #118 … and The Three Bears
  • By Great American Quilt Factory, Inc.
  • makes size 17, 20 and 24 inch patterns

There are three on ebay right now for about 5 – 13 dollars, counting shipping.

Obviously, I added faces and such to the faceless bears in the pattern, and I didn’t use the fabrics they used. But then, I never follow a pattern 100% because there is no fun in that.

This is a good pattern and the pieces are a good size, making them easy to use. Looking at the picture on the package, I would have never purchased it in a store because it just didn’t interest me. I originally purchased it because it was in a bag that had lots of taffeta pieces in it that I thought I could use for a crazy quilt. That never happened; I ended up using some of those pieces in these bears (pink, blue, and cream for the ears and paws). So, I ended up actually using the fabric for what the original owner intended: a fabric bear, not a quilt. I only remembered this pattern when my children started talking about the bears. I think I have had it for 5 years, just sitting in a box not knowing what to do with it; but I saw that the pattern had potential.

>For all those people that love birds help


what bird is this

These birds are roaming my yard, quite often actually; about 13 of them. I haven’t a clue what they are; if any one knows, please tell me because I think they are cool and want to know more about them.
Thanks! sunshine

>Teddy Bear Hugs


other side
Here is what the trees looked like right before all the teddy bears where removed from them.



The kids all get in lines going down the adjoining corridors from the central part of the school. Each bear is removed and passed down one of the long lines to the end of the hall with each person giving it a hug goodbye. then they are packed up into bags and taken to the shelter.
<img src="http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2390/2124208583_22fae9f09f.jpg" alt="
Here the bear is so big that the Kindergärtners are having a fun but hard time passing it down the line.
bear to big for little kids to pass on