>Jacket number 2 for child number 3

>Yes, I need to make another jacket; this one is for the butterfly-princess daughter of mine. Same problem as the last dress: no sleeves. She has been wearing a little white jacket with it, but the jacket looks more Easter- like and is bothering me. I want it to look more winter and to be warmer.

The previous dress, with the cream jacket, the ladybug princess was happy with. She wore it to church yesterday. Prior she wore a little caplet with it that had a spring feel to it . This was before I made the jacket; it just wasn’t warm and didn’t cover well.

I figured if I used wine or black it would be too heavy a color for a little girl of six years. This will make it a little brighter, plus I can place wine ribbon roses on it to add some of the color of the dress into the jacket. I am going to make a similar jacket to the last one. Still don’t have a pattern, but it was simple enough the first time; I don’t think I need one.

The details on bottom of dress: the sequins seem to shin a little green, thus the green I am using in the jacket.

detail of dressstart of jacket

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