>WIP for St. Patrick’s Day


start of 5 garlands

My goal is to make 5 garlands that are about 6 feet long (about 2 yards long) and place them in the store before St. Patrick’s Day. There are three different size yoyos involved in this endeavor.

I also have some in the works for Valentine’s Day, too. Those will have hearts and circle yoyos in them. Also three different size yoyos, maybe four sizes, haven’t totally decided yet on that one.

>Item 12 for 25 Motif tatting Challenge


tatting true to coloe

Above is motif 12 for the 25 Motif tatting challenge. This was put on hold while I worked on the advent calendar tutorials. I was reminded that I was doing this and hadn’t posted in a while. So, here is the piece I have to post at the moment. It is a mixture of ring-only tatting and crochet. The top photo is true to colors of white and raspberry pink. The other two photos are not accurate for color; I had a hard time getting two more good images.

close up

The second photo is so you can see the pattern, and the last photo is so you can see some of the edging. All laid out, there are about 24 inches of lace. I made it as long as the pink would let me; because it was a piece of scrap thread from another project, I didn’t have much of it. Also it really isn’t good for tatting, the pink that is. It was South Maid crochet thread, which isn’t a very good quality thread, but I liked the vibrant color so I used it any way. However, I made sure it was for the crochet part of the piece. I have made a similar pattern in the past; I like mixing crochet and tatting. I think it is fun when the two textures meet and even neater when there are two or more colors to show off the color and stitch change.

showing yardage

Probably only another tatter would notice, but I didn’t pay attention to my photos and my tatting is wrong side up!
rings are 3 picot term 4