>Winter Quilt block swap at MJF

>This is a swap that was over at MJF last month. I haven’t decided if this is one or two quilts because there are two color schemes happening: a winter one, which is white and blue (snow men and ice), and the other is red, white and green (Christmas). Since I am still waiting on one set and for me to embroider 17 snowmen, more details on this below. I might wait on that decision for now.

Sheryl Lynn’s Blocks (sewgirlie)

Sheryl Lynn's Blocks set one
Sheryl Lynn's Blocks set two
Tammy’s blocks

Tammy's blocks

jessica’s blocks (smoothiejuice)

smoothijuice's blocks

Camille’s blocks

Camille's blocks

Cheryl’s blocks

Cheryl's blocks

Creatmyworld’s blocks (Beth)

Beth's blocks

Khartquilt’s blocks (Kathlen)

Kathlens' blocks set 2
Kathleen's Blocks set 1

Grace’s blocks (Katmom’s)

Katmom's blocks

Denise’s blocks (levisgrammy)

Denise's blocks

Linda’s blocks ( yarnmamma)

Linda's blocks

corrinne’s blocks

corrinne's blocks

Corrine’s came all the way from Kuwait where she is in the service.

Kathy’s blocks (Ktknits). I’m waiting on those still; because she had some issues in her life, I am good on waiting for them to arrive.

Wendy’s blocks (sunshine)

sunshine's set 1
sunshine's set 2
close of snow man I didn't have time to embroider my own block

I was going to do two sets of embroidered blocks but ran out of time, so I embroidered and pieced blocks. The snowmen were to be the second set, but that never got swapped so I have 17 of these drawn. I might use them as filler blocks between the other blocks. That is, once I get them embroidered. I also have one more tree to embroider as well; 3/4ths of a tree is more correct.